Uncore Metrics

About Uncore Metrics

Uncore Metrics makes queries to community steam game servers and collects various statistics about them, and displays them here for easy viewing. We try to query each server about once a minute. Server Pings are about once every 10 minutes.

Discord Bot

Uncore Metrics has a Discord Bot, you can invite it via this link. You can use the /search or /server commands to look up servers and information about them. You can use /linkchannel to get notifications about a server going up/down in a specified channel.

Collection Policies

Uncore Metrics discovers servers by the Steam Web API every 5 minutes, searching for servers of that game that contain players. Once a server is picked up by this, we will continue to poll it even if it has no players in it. If a server starts failing, we will schedule it with less frequency the more times it fails, eventually only checking once per hour and marking it as dead after 14 days of failure.

Open Source

Uncore Metrics is fully open source, we use a modified Steam Server Query Library using a single UDP Socket to collect information via the Steam Server Query Protocol.


The main server runs a Ryzen 7700, 64GB RAM, 1tb NVMe and 12 tb HDD for storing long term statistics. We use Clickhouse to store the results of every poll, around 100 million a day/3 billion a month. We, however, do take advantage of Materialized Views for better query response time/less resource use.


  • Improve Mobile View of the website
  • Add better graphs, you should be able to pan and zoom to see the more granular data we are already storing
  • More Games
  • More Server Ping Locations
  • Make the server list sortable
  • Make the server list filterable

You can email me at tyler @ this website.